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 Akron Services is a state licensed grain dealer and grain warehouse. We provide a complete selection of services ranging from trucking services to haul your grain off the farm to commodity brokerage and options trading. We have two offices to handle all your grain merchandising and trucking needs. Please feel free to call and visit with our Brimfield office or our Edelstein office to further explore all of the opportunities that we can provide for you.

Specialty grains continue to be prevalent in this area and we will try to keep everyone updated and informed of all available opportunities that come up on our Specialty Grain page.

We will update our grain page as needed and our GRAIN BIDS page daily to keep current with the ever changing opportunities.

We have also listed our most recent Corn & Soybean Discounts, so check on our drying and storage rates.

We have a fleet of semis able to haul your commodities off your farm.  Some of our hauling services include:
        -Corn, soybeans, wheat
        -Distillers grain
        -Limestone & rock